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Fri, 20 Sep ’13

Week in Review: Hello Kitty Beer and One Piece Hats

Plus an anime cafe and digital divas!


Week in Review: Hello Kitty Beer and One Piece Hats

Fri, 20 Sep ’13
Gomu-Gomu Awesome Hat!: You love the anime, you read the manga, you buy all the toys, but how can a true One Piece devotee show their love…more

Slurp: A Beginner’s Guide to Ramen

Fri, 13 Sep ’13
Though we may not be Uzumaki Naruto, we LOVE ramen, and have decided to spread said love to the world with this handy guide to the…more

Hello Weirdness: The Strangest Hello Kitty Tie-In Products

Mon, 9 Sep ’13
Hello Condoms: They look like lollipops, which is horrifying in and of itself. They prominently feature a small cartoon female cat, which…more

Week in Review: Hello Kitty Takes Flight and Doraemon Goes Big

Fri, 6 Sep ’13
Fly the Kawaii Skies – Hello Kitty, everyone’s favorite mouthless meower, is one of the most popular franchises on the planet and…more

Tee-gether at Last: TOKYOPOP + The Yetee

Thu, 29 Aug ’13
You know ‘em, you love ‘em and now we’ve joined ‘em!  TOKYOPOP is pleased to announce our new partnership with The Yetee, beginning…more

Otaku Outfitters: Wear Your Passions on Your Sleeve

Tue, 6 Aug ’13
Poke Polo – Want to be the very best, like no one ever was? To catch them was your real test, but you’re going to want to look the part too…more

Stay Frosty: 4 Frozen Treats Found Only in Japan

Tue, 23 Jul ’13
Dead Ringer – Japanese burger chain Lotteria is trying to turn fear into flavor with a new milkshake inspired by The Ring/Sadako series….more

Vinyl Fantasy: Studio Ghibli Jams

Mon, 22 Jul ’13
Studio Ghibli has built its reputation as one of the premiere animation houses in the world thanks to its heartfelt, humanistic stories,…more

Must-Wear Monday: Anime Goes High Fashion

Mon, 17 Jun ’13
ONE PIECE/UNIQLO – It should come as no surprise that Japan’s biggest anime would have a fashion collaboration with Japan’s…more

Tasty Tuesday: Charaben Spotlight

Tue, 11 Jun ’13
D’oh-licious – Culinary creator Java whipped up this eerily good Simpsons-themed bento! While cheese and what appear to be Crunchberries…more

Get a Load of This

Artist Yukinko Akira makes watching paint dry exciting.  more