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Quick Hits

Chips Challenge

Hungry Japanese people have spoken: check out their 10 favorite potato chip flavors!

Attack on Snack

Hungry? See if your stomach could withstand these truly epic Japanese meals.

Gotta Love Loli

Give yourself a makeover with PopStix‘s Top 10 Gothic Loli Makeover Tutorial countdown!

Prop Stop

The ladies of Try This At Home teach you how to distress and age props on a new episode!

Ray of Hope

Have the perfect sci-fi cosplay, but you’re missing a ray gun? Try This At Home has your back.

Attack on Titanana

Banana sculptor Keisuke Yamada lends his considerable talents to Attack on Titan.

Attack on Snacks

Japan has unveiled its latest unholy union of 2 disparate snacks: Pepsi-flavored Cheetos

Master at Work

Watch the brilliant blacksmith behind Man at Arms make Legend of Zelda‘s Master Sword

Burger Time

The food fanatics at RocketNews24 have built a DIY hamburger holder.