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Tue, 19 Mar ’13

Mascot Mania: Japan’s Prefectural Mascots

The GEICO Gecko has some seriously stiff competition.

Did you know there Japan has thousands of different mascots, each complete with diehard fanbases and seemingly endless merchandise? Here’s a look at some of the most…more

A Very Merry DIY Christmas

Wed, 5 Dec ’12
‘Tis better to give than to receive, or so they tell us, but what they neglect to mention is that it’s also costlier to give than to…more

Must-Wear Monday: Staying Warm with Otakuworthy Hoodies

Mon, 3 Dec ’12
Baby, it’s cold outside! Or maybe you live in Tampa and you have the AC cranked up too high. Either way, December is the perfect time of…more

TOKYOPOP’s 2012 Pop Culture Holiday Gift Guide

Wed, 21 Nov ’12
As much as we hate to admit it, sometimes you want your Japanese pop culture in a non-anime/manga format, which is why we’re here to the…more

Clickable, Digital Manga

Fri, 9 Nov ’12
Have you been called a manga hoarder by your friends? Can’t find anything because your manga collection has taken over every inch of floor…more

Monday Munchies: American Snacks with a Japanese Twist

Mon, 15 Oct ’12
It’s almost Halloween time – a time for costumes, spooky decorations and, most important of all, CANDY! Candy is definitely the sugary…more

Monday Munchies: An Otaku’s Just Desserts

Mon, 8 Oct ’12
Fall is here once again, which means soon everything from coffee to lattes and beers to ales will be flavored like pumpkins and we’ll trade…more

Cosplay Friday: Dress For Less This Halloween

Fri, 5 Oct ’12
All Hallow’s Eve is now under a month away, so it’s time to finalize your costume selection so your can trick your neighbors out of their…more

Tokyo Treats: The 5 Coolest Otaku-centric Shops

Mon, 1 Oct ’12
Sure, there are places in the United States to find all types of cool anime and manga-inspired goods, but what if there were stores…more

The Duchesses of DIY: Crabcat Industries’ Try This At Home

Mon, 24 Sep ’12
Holly Conrad and Jessica Merizan are more than just cosplay mavens; they were also featured documentary subjects in Morgan Spurlock’s …more

Grill Em’ All: Labor Day the Otaku Way

Mon, 3 Sep ’12
TGIMonday! Today is that glorious day of the calendar year where we pay tribute to the barbecues and long weekends of the past by, well,…more