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Mon, 1 Apr ’13

ThinkGeek’s Spring Line Unveiled!

Stuff for smart masses just got even smarter

It’s just the cherry atop the geek-culture ice cream sundae that we live in a world where we can not only enjoy things, but we can also purchase items inspired by…more

NERDSWAG: Happy Vader’s Day

Wed, 13 Jun ’12
With Course of the Force only a few weeks away and Father’s Day coming this weekend, consider how cool it would have been if Luke Skywalker…more

Thanks for the Service: Our Fave Five Celebrity Veterans

Mon, 28 May ’12
On a day-to-day basis, we may make jokes about whether or not Han shot first, but there’s nothing funny about being shot at. Those who…more

Speak leet: Kevin Pereira Talks leetUp!

Tue, 21 Feb ’12
Here at Nerdist News, we’re fans of anyone pushing the envelope, whether it be in movies, music, television, podcasting, or even live…more

Mistress of Her Universe: Ashley Eckstein’s Sci-Fi Store

Mon, 20 Feb ’12
As the voice of Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ashley Eckstein lives the fangirl fantasy. Running the online store…more

Ashley’s Apparel

Mon, 20 Feb ’12
Let’s cut to the chase: Ashley Eckstein knows that you originally found her Clone Wars alter-ego Ahsoka Tano annoying. But she promises…more

Ride in Style on a Sightseeing Tour of New York’s Famous Dead

Thu, 12 Jan ’12
There is a reason zombie movies are rarely set in New York. This city has so many people that surviving a Romero flick would be near…more

Lose Your Mind at a Zombie Dance Party

Wed, 11 Jan ’12
Remember the fantastic Community episode where there was a party? And Abed and Troy dressed as an Alien and Ripley in the exosuit cargo-…more

Where Jules Verne Meets Science

Tue, 10 Jan ’12
Steampunk’s most appealing side may be its visual one, and its best foot is forward here. MUZEO has art, fashion designs, literature and…more

Smell Like a Dream

Mon, 9 Jan ’12
By: Charlene JimenezHave you ever read a book by Neil Gaiman and wished that it were scratch and sniff? Then you should plan on stopping by…more

City Unmasked: Rejected New Yorker Cartoons

Mon, 9 Jan ’12
Work’s Out! – Play an RPG this weekend where your character has the constitution to participate in RECESS, two full days of gaming, with no…more