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Tue, 19 Mar ’13

Mascot Mania: Japan’s Prefectural Mascots

The GEICO Gecko has some seriously stiff competition.

Did you know there Japan has thousands of different mascots, each complete with diehard fanbases and seemingly endless merchandise? Here’s a look at some of the most…more

Haute Harvest: A Fall Fashion Guide

Wed, 29 Aug ’12
To paraphrase 60’s Britpop band The Zombies, “It’s the time of the season for new clothing!” Soon, we’ll trade in our graphic tees and…more

Weekly Round-up: Moe Monsters, Konoha Casual and Olympic Ambitions

Thu, 9 Aug ’12
Olympic Ambitions – What’s a 3-time Olympic medalist to do when she’s ready to hang up her swimming cap and climb out of the pool? Well,…more

Too Cool for School: An Otaku’s Shopping Guide

Mon, 6 Aug ’12
It’s almost that magical time of year again. The summer’s drawing to a close, the days are getting a little bit shorter and pretty soon it’…more

Kicks Starter: Seriously Awesome Anime-inspired Shoes

Mon, 30 Jul ’12
Shoes can say a lot about a person. They can show how sophisticated you are or how comfortable you like to be. They come in every size,…more

Happy Birthdayouken: Celebrating Street Fighter

Fri, 29 Jun ’12
Can we officially give 1987 a Lifetime Achievement award for Greatest Year Ever? Not only did it give us Mega Man, Final Fantasy and Fist…more

Cosplay Sensei: Must-Read Costuming Tutorials

Wed, 20 Jun ’12
The world of cosplay presents many challenges: learning how to style a wig, how to make your own jewelry – not to mention all the sewing it…more

Weekly Round-up: Forest Finery, Seiyuu Singles and Lions Galore

Thu, 14 Jun ’12
Got Wood? – Spruce up your coffee table with one of the strangest box sets we’ve ever encountered: the Louis Vuitton Japan…more

Chip Off The Ol’ Geek: A Father’s Day Gift Guide

Wed, 13 Jun ’12
Watch and Learn – For the tech-minded father who enjoys sci-fi fare like Steins;Gate and Gundam Wing or if you’re weirdly obsessed with…more

Wedtaku: Adding a Geeky Flair to Your Wedding

Tue, 12 Jun ’12
Everyone loves a good wedding: there’s tons of food, you get to dance like a maniac and it’s the one time the cake isn’t a lie (but rather…more

From Geek to Sleek: Home Furnishing for Your Inner Otaku

Fri, 8 Jun ’12
Maybe you’re a college student who’s moving into the dorms for the first time and you want some accent pieces to show off your interests….more