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Tue, 19 Mar ’13

Mascot Mania: Japan’s Prefectural Mascots

The GEICO Gecko has some seriously stiff competition.

Did you know there Japan has thousands of different mascots, each complete with diehard fanbases and seemingly endless merchandise? Here’s a look at some of the most…more

Otaktails: St. Patrick’s Day, Otaku Style

Fri, 16 Mar ’12
Top o’ the morning to you! ‘Tis St. Patrick’s Day this Saturday and rather than pint after pint of bread in a glass Guinness, we thought we…more

Weekly Round-up: Angelic Apparel, Geass Grapevines and Mobile Manga

Fri, 9 Mar ’12
Code Goes Chorus Line – Unless you’ve been living under a Japan-shaped rock, you’ve probably heard about the deluge of Code Geass spinoffs…more

Midweek Munchies: The Wild World of Charaben

Wed, 15 Feb ’12
To paraphrase Justin Timberlake, charabens are “a gift real special / so take off the top / take a look inside / it’s my lunch in a box.”…more

Going Gothic: The Darker Side of Lolita Fashion

Fri, 27 Jan ’12
Apart from the wacky commercials, one of the most prominent and misunderstood aspects of Japanese culture in the West is street fashion….more

Raw Fashion: The Rise of Japanese Selvedge Denim

Wed, 11 Jan ’12
Tired of putting on a pair of $20 jeans just to have them fall apart a few months later? Don’t get mad; get raw. more

Apocalypse Now (And Then)

Mon, 28 Nov ’11
It’s the end of the world of the world as we know it, but Katsuhiro Otomo and Bandai feel fine. The Mayans predicted that 2012 would bring…more

Brighten Up Your Black Friday: The Best of GeekChicDaily’s Gift Guides

Fri, 25 Nov ’11
Chilled to the bone from waiting outside your local retailer at 5AM? Tripped out on tryptophan? more

TOKYOPOP’s 2011 Pop Culture Gift Guide

Wed, 23 Nov ’11
Sanrio x ASICS Hello Kitty Activewear – Meow! Sanrio and ASICS deliver some activewear for the cute (and healthy) at heart. With sleek,…more

The Streets are Sweet with Art and Fashion!

Fri, 18 Nov ’11
 Prepare for a sugar coma! SWEET STREETS art and fashion show starts tomorrow, Nov. 19th at WWA Gallery in Los Angeles. This year’s…more

WIN an Autographed CD by J-Rock Band D!

Wed, 16 Nov ’11
Visual Kei band D played two concerts at PMX last weekend in Los Angeles, California. TOKYOPOP caught up with the J-rockers between…more