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Tue, 19 Mar ’13

Mascot Mania: Japan’s Prefectural Mascots

The GEICO Gecko has some seriously stiff competition.

Did you know there Japan has thousands of different mascots, each complete with diehard fanbases and seemingly endless merchandise? Here’s a look at some of the most…more

Mass Affection and the K-Pop Showdown of the Year

Mon, 14 Nov ’11
Clear off some shelf space; the new statue in Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line is now available for pre-order! more

The Power of PMX!

Fri, 11 Nov ’11
PMX ain’t your mama’s anime convention! What sets this con apart from all the rest is its ability to be ahead of what’s hot in Asia…more

Boy Band Insanity and The Fullmetal Movie Fest

Wed, 9 Nov ’11
Kim Hyung Jun from the popular K-pop band SS501 (pronounced double-s five-oh-one, for those not in the know) will be coming to Korean…more

Time to Take a "Test Drive" and Papercraft Anime

Mon, 7 Nov ’11
Mark your calendar; you have a date with iTunes on November 8th. Jin Akanishi from the super popular J-pop group KAT-TUN is headed to…more

Cosplay Friday

Fri, 4 Nov ’11
Think you know good cosplay when you see it? Now is your chance to prove it by voting for the ultimate North American cosplayer in Otaku…more

Happy Ani-Ween!

Mon, 31 Oct ’11
What could be more charming than brain-eating zombies? Super sweet Sanrio and Mad Barbarians have come together to create Hello Kitty and…more

Taking A Trip Back To 1983 and The Art of Great Cosplay

Fri, 28 Oct ’11
Not sure what to wear while strolling the streets on All Hallows Eve? Get inspiration from some of the best cosplayers in the USA at…more

Musical Samurai, Wishing Kitty, Haute Anime and Spooky Style

Wed, 26 Oct ’11
 The ultimate fashion fright night out party is happening tonight at the Akiba-style maid cafe and art gallery Royal-T in Culver…more

I SeeU! Gundam Bar Hopping, Urinal Games and The Korean Pop Drought

Mon, 24 Oct ’11
Hatsune Mik-who? Looks like everyone’s favorite Vocaloid is in for some cyber competition from South Korea. SeeU is the first Vocaloid…more