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Tue, 19 Mar ’13

Mascot Mania: Japan’s Prefectural Mascots

The GEICO Gecko has some seriously stiff competition.

Did you know there Japan has thousands of different mascots, each complete with diehard fanbases and seemingly endless merchandise? Here’s a look at some of the most…more

Big Bear, Fast Cars, Cute Fast Food and The K-Pop Take Over

Fri, 21 Oct ’11
Japan gains another cute face to their ever-growing, adorable company mascot army with Kumao. Kumao was created by Mushuda, which makes…more

Robots, Rock and 2-D to 4 Eyes

Wed, 19 Oct ’11
Bandai has partnered up with 5 top pop artist to create a line of Macross Frontier: The Movie T-shirts sold exclusively at Maruione stores…more

TOKYO-Potpourri: Rom-anime Music, Dragon Ball Zen, and A ROBOmentary

Mon, 17 Oct ’11
Rom-anime Moments – Hopefully your hearing has come back after the latest Hatsune Miku concert, because we have more musical magic for you…more

Party Like a New TOKYOPOP Newsletter is Launching! (It is!)

Thu, 13 Oct ’11
Sometimes mixing pop can go flat, like with Coke’s short-fizzed sorta orangey, cola-y OK Soda. When fused with enthusiasm though, pop…more

WIN! Murakami’s 1Q84 Will Sell Volumes

Wed, 28 Sep ’11
Drop “1984” in a game of word association and you might get back “the birth of the Mac,” “crack” or “proton packs.” George Orwell’s ghost…more

WIN A Kidrobot Book and Art Toy as Paul Budnitz Gears Up New Bikes

Mon, 22 Aug ’11
Pause your Pee-wee’s Big Adventure DVD and tell Mr. Breakfast to shut his bacon-strip gob. Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz is bringing his…more