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Mon, 1 Apr ’13

ThinkGeek’s Spring Line Unveiled!

Stuff for smart masses just got even smarter

It’s just the cherry atop the geek-culture ice cream sundae that we live in a world where we can not only enjoy things, but we can also purchase items inspired by…more

Geek This Week: Girl Powers!

Thu, 6 Oct ’11
Girls Gone Wired – When many people think of comic and sci-fi conventions, they envision sweaty, overweight masses of misplaced masculinity…more

WIN! FARMER JOHN® Tailgating Pack

Tue, 4 Oct ’11
As long as you need to put on sunblock to leave the house, you should be handed a hot dog every time you step outside. How can this not be…more

City Unmasked: Clever The Twain Pal Meet

Mon, 3 Oct ’11
Chuckleberry Fun – Mark Twain was arguably the world’s funniest writer in 1884 (no offense to Sir Arthur Conan “O’Brien” Doyle). It’s tom…more

Is the Toyota Yaris a Car? Yes, It Is!

Mon, 3 Oct ’11
Some day, technology will invent teleportation beams, and we expect to zap up to the Starship Enterprise in an instant, then back down…more

Geek This Week: Rabbit Rocketeer

Fri, 30 Sep ’11
Leporine Launch – All rabbits are fast, but not like Bellicose Bunny; he rides a rocket. more

WIN! Ultimate Undead Prize Package

Thu, 29 Sep ’11
The ghouls of Griffith Park grow restless. That’s not the wind dragging through the Old Zoo’s empty enclosures; it’s something much more…more

Royal/T Presents: East Village West

Wed, 28 Sep ’11
If you’ve never been to Royal/T, you must have never walked down Washington Blvd in Culver City. If you had, Royal/T’s green turf exterior…more

WIN! Murakami’s 1Q84 Will Sell Volumes

Wed, 28 Sep ’11
Drop “1984” in a game of word association and you might get back “the birth of the Mac,” “crack” or “proton packs.” George Orwell’s ghost…more

Boldly Go.. to a Planetarium to Learn About Alien Life

Tue, 27 Sep ’11
Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the humble C train. Its mission? To drop people off at 81st street, in front of the…more

City Unmasked: Meet a Real Batman

Mon, 26 Sep ’11
Make the Best of a Bat Situation – Bats, along with people who go to Diddy shows, get a bad rap. Conquer your fear of flying mammals, à la…more