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Mon, 1 Apr ’13

ThinkGeek’s Spring Line Unveiled!

Stuff for smart masses just got even smarter

It’s just the cherry atop the geek-culture ice cream sundae that we live in a world where we can not only enjoy things, but we can also purchase items inspired by…more

Geek This Week: Die, Dragons, Die!

Fri, 23 Sep ’11
Bloody Sunday – If you like free tickets to killer film festivals, then we’ve got a tip for you. Tweet at us the name of a sci-fi…more

Revive Civilization at a Post-Apocalyptic Book Club

Fri, 23 Sep ’11
The Brooklyn neighborhood bordering the East River just south of Atlantic Avenue is called “Columbia Waterfront District.” And that is…more

Geek This Week: Texas-Sized Laughs

Fri, 16 Sep ’11
#1. Austin Audition – South by Southwest might’ve made its name embracing indie acts, but that doesn’t mean they’ll let any anonymous joker…more

The Smartest Man on Sunset

Wed, 14 Sep ’11
The IQ at NerdMelt just ticked up a few dozen points, because comedian Greg Proops has decided to bring his signature Proopcast…more

WIN! A Pair of Tickets to Maker Faire for Robotics, Rockets and Remarkable Radness

Wed, 14 Sep ’11
To hang out with robots you usually have to be part of either some prestigious research firm or a member of the LeBeouf clan. Bodacious…more

Geek This Week: Test Your Might

Fri, 9 Sep ’11
#1. You Win – The arcade days may have gone away, but competitive gaming isn’t going anywhere. This weekend you can find plenty of face to…more

Wocka Wocka Talka: Go Gonzo with Henson Confessions

Fri, 9 Sep ’11
A wise man once had a wise frog sing “It ain’t easy being green.” From The Dark Crystal to Yoda and the Muppets, Jim Henson’s imagination…more

Plant Trojans at a Video Hackathon

Wed, 7 Sep ’11
The humble hacker. Vilified in the news and embarrassingly misappropriated in pop culture. In real life, however, hackers do a lot of cool…more

Skullastic: Bad to the Binder

Tue, 6 Sep ’11
Remember when you needed a new notebook for school and all you could come up with was your sister’s Lisa Frank covered, college-ruled…more