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Fri, 25 Nov ’11

Only 1,494 Shopping Days Until Christmas 2015!

Thanksgiving is over. Time to focus on presents.

It’s Black Friday, which means you might want to wait a day before heading anywhere near Rock Center to see that spruce – unless you’re into 35,000 tons of tourists flattening you like Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In the meantime, check out some top holiday gifts from our LA and national guides.

A New Jersey – You won’t need to ask “You talkin’ to me?” when you’re wearing a Taxi Driver shirt from Retro Outlaw Studios. It will be clear people are talking to you when they start asking where you buy your clothes. Blow them away by saying you won it from GeekChicLA.

Creature Comforts – If only these tiny and adorable monsters were the things scurrying around the subway tracks. Each one-of-a-kind, hand-sculptured Beastlie comes with a personal backstory. But of course no story is as good as saying you won from GeekChicLA.

Make Good Munny – Like a freshly cemented sidewalk, KidRobot’s Mega MUNNY gift pack lets you put your personal imprint on a blank canvas. Let’s put a smile on that face.

Love to Gambits – Two Boots Pizza won’t be the only Ragin’ Cajun in New York if you pick up this Kotobukiya Gambit statue. Look for GeekChicDaily’s Monday newsletter for details on how you can win it and you won’t need to use your charge card.