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Mon, 3 Dec ’12

Hoodie You Think You Are?

Our favorite geeked out hooded sweatshirts

Welcome to December. If you aren’t having to bundle up to get through your cold days, you will soon. (Shut it, Miami! No one is talking to you.) The only reason to enjoy the brisk weather of the holidays is an excuse to wear your nerddom on your sleeve and over your head. The hooded sweatshirt can be a nerd’s best friend, and here is a collection of fashion’s comfort food we just can’t get enough of.

Boba Fett – Did you know hoodies can now substitute as costumes for people too busy to make an elaborate ode to their favorite characters in cosplay? Tis’ true! Our own Chris Hardwick rocked a Boba Fett character hoodie when he ran the first leg of Course of the Force last summer. The hood zips up to form Mr. Fett’s mask and the soft interior makes it comfy enough to wait for a bus on Hoth. Marc Ecko’s line also includes a Storm Trooper and X-Wing Pilot, but we’re going to go out on a limb and say Fett’s best. We’re surprised no one has done the Darth Maul with soft spikes on the hood yet. Paging Ecko Base, get on that.

Portal 2 – Orange jumpsuits and tank tops aren’t great when your testing conditions may as well be in a walk in freezer. Thankfully the good folks over at Think Geek have a solution and cake. Actually, the cake really is a lie this time. Sorry. They’ve got the Portal 2 Test Candidate Hoodie that says two very important things: 1) the wearer has excellent taste in games and 2) because it is dominantly white, the owner should not open wine or eat spaghetti. Portal: looking out for carbs and alcohol since they came up with this hoodie.

Mass Effect – The N7 hoodie that now comes standard with Mass Effect fans is old news. While we absolutely love the classic look and clean lines, we’re more interested in the ME Hoodie project. DeviantArtist Lupidirosso came up with character hoodies for almost every character that can join your squad up through Mass Effect 2 and then some. Bioware saw the designs and has given the green light to a couple to test the waters before going full bore. Even the Illusive Man would want in on these, “Don’t get in my way Shephard, I felt a chill.”

Princess Leia – Don’t even think for a moment we forgot about the ladies in this round up of autumn accoutrements. Point of fact, they may get our favorite hoodies of all as Her Universe has made several that cater specifically to them. The Princess Leia hoodie features a take on the classic New Hope costume and when the hoodie is flipped up, the buns are in full effect. For fans of The Clone Wars, Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein has an awesome tunic top based on her own character Ahsoka Tano. She may be a Padawan of the Force, but she is a fashion Master. If Star Wars isn’t your thing, Her Universe also has a completely logical Spock hoodie so you can be an unemotional gangsta up in the club. The Star Trek Fan Club that is.

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