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Thu, 29 Nov ’12

Geek this Week: Revelations on the Pacific Rim

Also: Apocalypse…paused, a house full of murder, monster college and an interactive film fest

MOVIESRim Hint In – We hadn’t heard much of a peep about Pacific Rim since San Diego Comic-Con International, where the brief glimpse of giant robots (“Jaegers”) versus giant monsters (“Kaiju”) wowed the crowd. But that changed yesterday, as a viral website for the Pan Pacific Defense Corps launched, with a countdown to what we hope is a trailer reveal. Simultaneously, several memos, clips and blueprints surrounding the Corps leaked to different outlets, including a blueprint of the USA’s own mighty metal man, Gipsy Danger; and footage of a Kaiju attack. We’ve got the full roundup over at Nerdist.com, but we also suggest liking Pacific Rim on Facebook for further updates.

TVThe World Will End…in a Couple MonthsThis week sees the mid-season finales of two of our favorite shows about apocalypses. Apocalypsi? On Monday, Revolution, which depicts what the world would become if all electricity was turned off, had the culmination of its first ten episodes with the travelers finally reaching Philadelphia and having a showdown with General Monroe and his militia to retrieve their kidnapped people. On Sunday, we’ll see Rick and company try to infiltrate the Governor’s township to get back their kidnapped people on The Walking Dead‘s fall finale. Similar stories, totally different result. Let’s hope the tales that are told after the break will be as exciting.

MOVIES1,000 Ways to Get Hacked UpIt’s movies like this that have made us terrified of stepping on booby traps. Taking both Fantastic Fest and Screamfest by storm, the new horror film, The Collection, is being released on Friday. Following on from 2009’s The Collector, which introduced a new mask-wearing sicko who likes to torture and maim, The Collection takes viewers inside his warehouse full of pointy objects, ready to slash and tear their way through the flesh of anyone who enters. A bit of a paranoiac, it has to be said. Written and directed by Marcus Dunstan, who wrote the last four movies in the Saw franchise, it’s a safe bet that the screen will be full of grue.

MOVIESRa-Ra Sis-Boom-AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! – We’re going to have to wait until June to see Disney/Pixar’s much anticipated Monsters University, a prequel that sees Mike and Sulley’s halcyon days trying to be accepted into the scare program, but we did happen to get a chance to check out some new 3D effects for it and the new up-converted Monsters, Inc. which will be released December 19th, on the USC campus. However you need to prepare your mind for its eventual blowing, please do so now because we’re darn skippy it’ll happen. To read all about the 3D, and a nerd’s experience at a college football game, head on over to Nerdist.com. We promise, it won’t be too scary.

MOVIESGetting a Bit MIFFed – The bulk of the best entertainment content right now exists via YouTube by people with limited budgets but unlimited imaginations; it’s only fitting that a film festival should recognize these dreamers. Enter the Machinima Interactive Film Festival presented by Machinima and iam8bit. From November 30th until December 8th, short films will be presented both at iam8bit studios in Los Angeles and on the interwebs via Machinima. It’ll feature work in live action and animation in drama, comedy and music video by some of the top YouTubers out there, including our own Nerdist Channel. The best bit for you is that anyone who votes is eligible to win a contest worth up to $5,000. Like all things, vote early and vote often.