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Tue, 2 Oct ’12

Geek this Week: Resident Hits, Indie Discounts

Also: Seven Psychopaths free and Liam Neeson, Taken a-back.

GAMESPresident, Evil If election season is already boring you, here’s a reminder that things could be worse: a zombified U.S. Chief Executive is but one of many new mutations in Resident Evil 6, which finally comes out today. No, it doesn’t star Milla Jovovich, but it does finally allow you to move and aim your weapon at the same time. It also features newer, more evolved virus-filled villains called the J’avo, who are like Java except that they’ll actually crash your internal organs rather than just your Internet browser.

GAMESGame Time – Does your taste in electronic interactive entertainment run quirkier, possibly counter to the notion of large franchise sequels? If that’s the case, come to Indiecade this weekend in Culver City, CA, and check out what the more independent videogame creators are doing, that the big boys will be co-opting or copying in the years to come. Because Nerdist is all about independent creativity, we even have a way for you to get 15% off your Indiecade admission. Because, like scripture, every great concept we hold holy starts with an “indie beginning.”

MOVIESPsycho Paths – Want to spend time with a septet of seriously scary sickos..for free? Of course you do, especially if they’re named Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Colin Farrell, Tom Waits and [movie spoilers redacted]. Seven Psychopaths opens Oct. 12, and we want to give away pairs of tickets to five fanatics. On Oct. 9th, there will be special screenings in Washington DC, and L.A., plus one on Oct. 10th in Atlanta, all of them at 7:30 p.m.; the first five people to email [email protected] with “Nerdist News” and the city name in the email subject line (i.e. “Nerdist News-Atlanta”) will win, so do it NOW to have a shot. Winners will be contacted; non-winners will not, so don’t get crazy if you hear nothing back.

MOVIESRe-Take – Pop quiz: does anybody reading this actually remember the names of any of the characters recently played by Liam Neeson? Without our prefacing things that way, we doubt you’d know what we were talking about when we say that “Bryan Mills” is back and badass this weekend in Taken 2, while his family remain as kidnap-prone as ever (this time it’s his ex-wife who’s taken). Gotta hand it to Liam, er, Bryan…so many dudes would just let their ex stay forcibly vanished. But that’s why he’s the hero.

MOVIESLooper Man – Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been busy at the box office loopin’ and Robin, but he found the time to do the Nerdist podcast and talk to Nerdist News anyway. If you want to check them out (and you should), don’t hesitate – we hear his future self is trying to change the timeline, so get looped in before they can be erased from our existence.