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Tue, 8 Jan ’13

Geek this Week: Gadgetry Galore

Plus: Talking with Tim, rebels on the run and Hollywood heat

TECHWhat Happens in Vegas Makes Beeping Noises – No sooner has the calendar flipped over to 2013 than we have a convention to talk about. They’re everywhere! First up, as per usual, is the International Consumer Electronics Show, known affectionately as CES. This year’s convention runs from January 8th to the 11th in the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center and will host a bevy of electronics companies and innovators displaying their wares for the drooling tech crowd. What’s Trending is going to have plenty of guests on hand to walk everyone through the celebs that are crashing the party and we’ll have updates of the best things at CES over on Nerdist.com.

TVFeast Your Ears On Something OlyphantasticMake sure your cowboy hat is on right and your boots don’t have any snakes in them (we’ve never left the city) because this episode of the Nerdist podcast features the star of FX’s hit action drama, Justified, Mr. Timothy Olyphant. He plays an old fashioned lawman on the show, just like he did on HBO’s Deadwood, which also gets a mention. Did you also know he tried to be a stand-up comic? Well, listen already! Justified‘s fourth season begins airing tonight at 10pm Eastern and Pacific. You better not miss it; Raylan Givens can draw a lot faster than you can change the channel.

COMICSNew Stuff from a Long, Long Time AgoRemember that glorious time right after Luke blew up the Death Star and everything was right with the universe? Well, that didn’t last too long, but luckily now we have lots more to read about it. Dark Horse Comics this week will release the first issue of its new Star Wars comic series called, fittingly, Star Wars. This book will give us the adventures of the Rebel Alliance as they try to flee from the ever-strengthening Empire before it finally struck back. The book is written by Brian Wood (Conan the Barbarian) and drawn Carlos D’Anda (Batman: Arkham City). Bring on the ’70s hairdos! Though, we are a bit worried about the pre-revelation sexual tension between Luke and Leia. *Shudder*

MOVIESYou’ll Never Get Me, Coppa!!After being pushed back several months, Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer’s new film, Gangster Squad, will finally see release this Friday, January 11th. The movie tells the story of the LAPD’s war on organized crime in the 1940s, specifically against East Coast gangster Mickey Cohen, portrayed by Sean Penn. It’s an action movie set in the glitziest days of Hollywood so expect a large amount of three-piece suits, fedoras and Tommy guns. The cast also includes Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, back together in what many aren’t calling a prequel to Crazy, Stupid, Love.