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Tue, 16 Oct ’12

Geek this Week: The Calendar You Really Want

Also: Brain buffet, lovin’ Larry, above-average Joel and a Clark comeback

A Very Good Year – A bevy of beauties, including the Nerdist Channel’s own Just Cos host Chloe Dykstra, want to give you a groovy, gorgeous, geeky 2013 with the Women of Geekdom Calendar. Funded on Kickstarter and featuring nerdy girls from all walks of life, it’s available for $30, but Nerdist readers can get $5 off by entering the code WOG2012NERDIST on the website. Want a series of samples? Head over to our exclusive Nerdist gallery of behind-the-scenes images and alternate shots.

The No-Balking Dead –
Afraid of zombie bites? Maybe you won’t be after reading The Brain-Eater’s Bible, which offers a wealth of tips on how to maximize one’s newly undead status (“If you like singing, stick to Joe Cocker and Louis Armstrong”) while answering age-old questions like whether – and how – the dead take a dump. Originally a self-published tome from atrophied author “J. D. McGhoul” (a.k.a. comedian Pat Kilbane), this semi-educational guidebook – really, it teaches you actual brain biology among other sciencey things – is now available in hardcover from St. Martin’s Press, just in time to counter all those negative stereotypes about walkers that everyone else is putting out there.

King on All Media – Passing of the torch? Meeting of the minds? Just plain fun? However you choose to view Larry King’s appearance on the Nerdist podcast, we’d suggest that actually listening to it is more fun than contemplating its longterm implications. Hear the veteran discuss his tricks of the trade, why he won’t curse on the podcast (but where he will), the love of making people laugh and more from a decades-long career in broadcast media. Brace yourself for a supsender-ful near-hour.

Mystery, Science and Theater? –
Yes, yes, three thousand times, yes!  Friend-of-Nerdist Joel Hodgson is doing a one-man show in Phoenix, Minneapolis and Sioux Falls. That’s the “theater” part – science comes in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that accompanies him, as he’ll tell you “How to Have a Job Like Mine.” The mystery? All these shows will be followed by a “secret MST3K screening.” Considering that Joel is the guy who figured out how to get paid for talking all through a movie rather than getting thrown out, we’d suggest paying attention. That dude clearly knows something we don’t.

One Man…One Vision? – Agent Coulson lives! Clark Gregg announced at New York Comic Con that his Marvel movie character is coming back to the team for Joss Whedon’s S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, but nobody’s saying how, exactly, though Comic Book Resources has a Clark quote that’s bound to get fans fluttering: “Have you heard of a Life Model Decoy? I don’t know if you’ve read the theories from the people on Twitter, but there’s this guy called the Vision.” Let the green-and-red speculative photoshopping commence!