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Thu, 16 Feb ’12

Geek this Week: Mass Hysteria

Also: Ricky Gervais gets a sticky Wicket, Doctors in the house and Oscars are #1 with a Bullhead

By: Brian Walton

GAMESCos and Effect Some people spent their Valentine’s Day at fancy restaurants; the awesome ones made a date night on the Citadel with Commander Shepard and the rest of the gang in the new Mass Effect 3 demo. Sure, the characters may not be real, but we’ve rounded up the best of Mass Effect cosplay – close enough in our book.

TVEwok Like A Man – Warwick Davis is best known for his latex-laden roles as Wicket in Return of the Jedi and the evil antihero of the Leprechaun series. This weekend on HBO’s Life’s Too Short, his newest memorable character is “himself” – a conceited, divorced dwarf actor looking to Ricky Gervais to help him along the comeback trail. If fellow Star Wars alum Liam Neeson’s cameo is anything to go by, the Force is strong in this one.

EVENTSWho, Are You? – Planning on hitting up the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles this weekend? If you have the time, lord you’d better start working on doctoring up a cool costume. You could be featured in a new web series, so don’t be tardy – start policing your sewing box for some sweet threads.

MOVIESBull‘s on Parade – This year’s most unlikely Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, Bullhead opens in limited release tomorrow (expanding next week). A crime cult film in-the-making, it’s about an impotent, raging ‘roid-head caught up in the black-market of Belgian beef (yes, there is one). The prize in this unhappy meal is a breakthrough performance from star Matthias Schoenaerts, who’ll probably come to Hollywood very soon if his English is passable.