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Tue, 18 Dec ’12

Geek this Week: Monsters Coming Right At You!

Plus: Sleepwalking at home, geeky trees and number ones (and zeros)

MOVIESScaring Three-DimensionallyGrab your blankies and leave on your nightlight because the monsters are coming back. Don’t worry; they only scare because they care. More than eleven years since its initial release, Disney and Pixar’s classic Monsters, Inc. returns to theaters this Wednesday the 19th in a snazzy new 3D presentation. The retrofitting will get people stoked for the 3D sequel, Monsters University which is due out this summer. We’re very excited to see what the conveyor belt of doors sequence looks like in 3D, but we’re less excited to see Steve Buscemi’s villainous Randall coming straight at us. We have a thing about lizards. If you’d like a chance to win one of five Monsters Inc. 3D posters autographed by director Pete Docter, enter this contest right here!

MOVIESSomnambulism is FunnyThat word means “sleepwalking.” Fresh to Blu-ray this very day is Mike Birbiglia’s semi-autobiographical indie comedy, Sleepwalk with Me, where Mike plays a version of himself, a young comedian who develops a very unfortunate sleeping disorder. The film also contains appearances by a slew of other comics like Hannibal Burress, Marc Maron and Jessi Klein. Being an indie means it might not have made it to your town but bringing it home is easy with Amazon! Hooray!

Nerdifying ChristmasMost of us have very normal Christmas trees, with lights and bulbs and disgusting tinsel our Mom loves but we hate. The most excellently geeky among us, though, have been able to modify this time-honored image to reflect their likes and obsessions. We have compiled a “Geeked-Out Christmas Trees” board on Pinterest that has some truly phenomenal trees. Not surprisingly, Star Wars is very well-represented as are video games like Portal and Pac-Man. There’s a couple of Dalek trees we adore and our personal favorite is a giant Godzilla tree in Japan. Sure Christmas is traditional, but your trees don’t have to be.

GAMESWhose Initials Are On Top?If you ever wondered the longest someone has played Pong or who holds the world record in Paperboy, then you are in luck. Out today, the Guinness World Records releases their Gamer’s Edition for 2013 which will tell you all the trivia, achievements and gameplay tips you could possibly want. Now all that’s left is for you to devote your entire year to playing Halo 4 to try to make next year’s almanac. Nobody else will be doing that same thing, surely.