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Thu, 8 Mar ’12

Geek this Week: Movies, Movies, Movies…Man in a Box?

Expanding your filmgoing experience this week and ever after.

EVENTSTugg Shots – Remember when Paranormal Activity first came out, how you could supposedly “demand” it? Well and good, but what if you could do that with any movie? A new service called Tugg aims to find out, allowing audiences to set up their own events, and theaters to make them happen. That double feature of Glitter and Cool as Ice that you’ve been dreaming about? All in your hands now.

MOVIESHouse of Whacks – Remakes of Japanese horror movies stopped being so scary after the umpteenth girl with black hair over her face walked backwards. But remaking a fright flick from Uruguay? Now that’s novel. In Silent House, Elizabeth Olsen is trapped in a lakeside retreat by…well, we don’t exactly know. But for what appears to be an 88-minute single take, we’ll be trapped in there with her.

MOVIESFrankie Goes To Texas – If you’re not in Austin this week, prepare to be jealous of those who are, as South by Southwest (SXSW) kicks off tomorrow. New movies from the likes of Lena Dunham, Matthew Lillard and Kevin Macdonald will be showing, but the one we most want to see is entitled frankie go boom. Click here and scroll down till you get to the description and you’ll see why. Trust us.

TECHApp Trap – Combining the fun of a Tamagotchi with the thrills of being a prison warden, “Human in a Box” allows you to trap a suit-wearing human being inside your phone, where you can feed him, torture him or whatever it is your twisted mind can come up with. Don’t worry about him suffering – it’s just an app, not a voodoo doll.