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Thu, 22 Mar ’12

Geek this Week: Timeline of Your Life

Also: hunker down for Hunger, outer space flips the bird and get Raid-y to rumble.

TECHTimeline Is on Your Side – Facebook is switching all pages over to the new timeline format, and that means we’re going to need a new banner image. Send us your best 851 by 315 pixel image inspired specifically by Nerdist News to [email protected] (please don’t incorporate any artwork you don’t own) and you could score a free T-shirt while leaving your mark atop our social-networking center for a month.

MOVIESAppetite for Destruction – So, The Hunger Games opens tomorrow, and despite the marketing, it’s no trivial teen romance. Audiences may come to see if bow-hunter Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) will ever acknowledge the love of baker’s boy Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) while they’re fighting for their lives in a virtual-reality death arena, but they’ll stay for themes of class struggle, media mockery and Woody Harrelson being all sarcastic and drunk for half the movie.

Planetary Poultry – We never thought outer space battles could be fought with slingshots, but we couldn’t be happier about their use in Angry Birds Space, which comes out today. Sci-fi fans longing for more traditional space weapons can amp up their pig-pummeling arsenal with the addition of the Laser Bird and Ice Bird. As whimsical as it may sound, the secret to success comes from understanding the gravity of the situation.

MOVIESRaid Dawn – If you don’t actually want your scenes of people killing each other interspersed with sci-fi satire and heartstrings being pulled, go see The Raid: Redemption this weekend. This Indonesian action movie about an elite police team who must fight their way through 30 floors full of violent criminals might literally be the ass-kickingest movie of the year.