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Tue, 23 Oct ’12

Geek this Week: Score Some Clone Wars

Also: Paint it cool, Hill to pay and a free film festival.

TVRevenge of the (Other) Sith – Darth Maul’s back, and he’s looking to take revenge on Obi-Wan if given half a chance. But we’ve got a deal for you that’s good any way you slice it – a chance to win Clone Wars Season 4 for free. We hope you’ll be the one to saber victory, but chop chop, because our giveaway will go dark on Oct. 29th. Use the Force of bonus entries at our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages, and you’ll have yourself a grand army of opportunities to secure the Blu-ray set. Stay on target!

GAMESSwan Link – If you’d rather be playing paintball but don’t have the time to find a team and a course, engage your jones for hurling pigment splatters at things virtually in The Unfinished Swan, available to all PSN members starting today. Beginning in a white world that fills in as you make like Mick Jagger and paint it black, this fairy-tale game adds color in later levels as it encourages you to learn the value of completing tasks. But not in a boring way: you’ll want to complete this game so you can hear Terry Gilliam’s voice-acting in the last level.

MOVIESSilent but Deadly – Horror sequels made six years later don’t generally care too much about continuity, but Silent Hill already broke the mold by not killing off Sean Bean, and now he, Radha Mitchell and Deborah Kara Unger are back for another go at our favorite (and only) haunted town in thrall to a triangular-headed giant. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D opens Friday and promises more man-on-mannequin-parts combat than any other movie this year.

MOVIESFree-for-All Fest – Starting Saturday, free tickets go on “sale” for L.A.’s AFI Fest, which typically selects the best films from other festivals (West of Memphis, Holy Motors, Silver Linings Playbook, Antiviral), throws in a handful of big premieres (Rise of the Guardians, Hitchcock, Life of Pi, Lincoln) and makes them all available to everyone who’s fast enough on the draw with a mouse click, or first in the rush line. We’ll have a more detailed preview next Tuesday, but if you’re going to be in the area Nov 1-8, the time to start scouting titles is now (pro-tip: if a movie has more than one screening, try grabbing the second showing first).

MOVIESIron Age – Tony Stark may have had the most traumatic ending of all in the final moments of The Avengers. How does one process a brush with death so close, you were piloting a bomb? Well, it’s like they say, If you like it then you should put a ring on it. And in this case he’s being offered ten rings (to the face) by the Mandarin. See the full trailer now and then immediately post theories on where Hulk is going to make his bromeo. (That’s Bro Cameo. As in the bromantic adventures of Hulk and Iron Man.)