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Thu, 2 Feb ’12

Geek this Week: Sunday Nerdy Sunday

Also: Amazonal Activity, the super-Segway and hitmen encounter horrors.

EVENTSSuper Selling – Games of the non-video kind that involve actual exercise and the throwing of an ovoid object aren’t usually the sort of thing we cover, but this year’s Superbowl commercials seem designed for us. Between a Ferris Bueller comeback and the dog side of the Force, we’re actually pumped for some prime-time pigskin. Stay tuned to our Facebook over the weekend as we add the best ads.

TVSwimming into Scares – While we wait for Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli to put out another movie, we can watch his take on terror TV starting Tuesday. It’s a found-footage frightfest about the search for a lost nature-show host (Bruce Greenwood) somewhere in the Amazon. Is there a Blair Witch Doctor in the house?

TECHSegway on Steroids – Thanks to the likes of Paul Blart, Segways have become unfairly stigmatized as dorky, but the DTV Shredder aims to reclaim the self-balancing personal transport for regular guys. As with everything else in this world, adding tank treads makes it better. And allows it to go on snow, sand, even mountains. So, uh…can we, like, borrow $2600?

MOVIESScreen Screams – It’s also a big weekend for movies, as Daniel Radcliffe meets The Woman in Black and super powers get real in the awesomely Akira-esque Chronicle, but we’d urge genre fans not to ignore the lower-profile Kill List. A brutally hard-edged tale of a retired hitman nagged back into the life by his wife and best friend, it takes a turn into all-out horror by the end.  Fans of the recent new wave of Euro-horror (Frontiere(s), Them, Inside) will love it. Casual viewers may faint.