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Tue, 14 Aug ’12

Geek this Week: Tales from the Darkside

Plus: The murky depths of Hi-Def, a King remembered and some ‘Bad’ swag.

GAMESDeath Rides a Horse – Anybody want to do ALL THE REAPING? This week sees the release of the hotly-anticipated action-adventure role-playing video game, Darksiders II, the sequel to the acclaimed 2010 Darksiders. A parallel sequel, this time around the player gets to control the Second Horseman – Death. Part Deux promises entirely new maps which double the size of part one, meaning more slaughter in more places. Darksiders II looks even more epic than the already epic epicness that was the first game. The end of the world’s not looking too bad. For a bit more on the gameplay, here’s some words from Death himself.

MOVIESBruce on Blu – You know how Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is one of the greatest movies ever, introduced the world to the term and concept “blockbuster” and added about 643 memorable lines into humanity’s collective lexicon? Well, get ready to feast your “doll’s eyes” on this: the movie is finally being released on Blu-ray. The film has been fully restored from the original negative and boasts a “bigger boat”-load of new extras including a feature-length doc about the film’s legacy and an in-depth look at the restoration. If that’s not enough to satisfy your “noon feeding,” there’s also all the other great features from the 30th Anniversary DVD. Now, THAT’s some good deal, Harry.

TVRed Tide Turns 25 – As if you needed reminding, this week is the Olympics for geeks – Shark Week has returned! This marks the 25th anniversary of the Discovery Channel’s groundbreaking series of documentaries spanning half-a-fortnight focusing on the swimming teeth machines. This year’s programs include great titles like “Air Jaws Apocalypse,” “Sharkzilla” and “Great White Highway.” There will also be a new Mythbusters special called “Jawsome Shark Special,” which will countdown the top 25 shark myths of all time. And probably something will explode.

COMICSHeartbreak Hotel – Thursday marks the 35th anniversary of the death of the King of Rock & Roll himself, Elvis Aaron Presley. His hip-swiveling and lip-curling set the youth of America on fire and gave rise to an entire subculture of velvet paintings, themed weddings and jump-suited skydivers. If you love and miss the King as much as we do, why not check out the Graphic Elvis app from Pixofactor. On it, you’ll find interactive Elvis comics. There’s also a limited edition hardcover to boot. It’s a hunka-hunk of burning awesome.

TVThe One Who Tic-tocs – It’s a contest, B!%CH! If you binge on Breaking Bad like it’s Walter White’s best blue, then you’ll be very excited about a giveaway we’re running with Vannen Watches. Two fantastic Breaking Bad inspired timepieces designed by artist Tristan Eaton. The tribute watch is titled “Contaminant” which celebrates the BB season 3 episode, “Fly,” Enter now for your chance to win. Don’t do drugs.