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Wed, 14 Jul ’10

Get Mega!

Assemble your own version of the Blue Bomber

No matter how much this hurts to admit, the chances of you ever constructing a functioning humanoid robot range from laughably slim to completely and utterly non-existent. But a model of one? You can totally do that!

Check out the awesome new Mega Man model kit from Kotobukiya. The set lets you get your Dr. Light on by assembling various versions of the Blue Bomber. Based on the Mega Man of the original NES game, the figurine boasts three possible faces, a couple extra hands and two different blasts to have stream out of the toy’s Mega Buster arm cannon. For those who like their Mega Man well hydrated, the set also includes its own E-Can. (Which ostensibly is made for the figurine, but could theoretically be used by you if the exertion of assembling Mega Man leaves you in particular need of an energy boost.)

In Japan, Mega Man’s country of origin, the character is known as Rockman. (Not as a reference to stones and minerals, but as a nod to rock ‘n roll.) Right now, the toy is only available for pre-order over there. But the wonders of international shipping, mean you can still grab a kit if you have the yen.