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Fri, 22 Jun ’12

Get Social with Nerdist Industries

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You get Nerdist News every morning. You probably (and hopefully) follow Nerdist on Twitter. But there’s so much more going on in our social sphere than that. Like the best burritos, the Nerdist empire is made up of many tasty ingredients. Have you gotten the most out of our flavor combinations? Let’s take a look:

Captain’s Blog –
Nerdist.com is where it all began. The home to our world-famous Nerdist podcasts, as well as an El Guapo-worthy plethora of podcasters with their own unique niches, be it the likes of The Indoor Kids or You Made It Weird. In addition to all of that, the site also features daily postings of trailers, reviews, event coverage, contests and many other fun things you can check out while pretending to be “working.” And if you like all that, “Like” it on Facebook too.

Inner Tubes – If you haven’t yet subscribed to the Nerdist Channel for daily original video content, what are you waiting for? Weird Al Yankovic, Harry Knowles, Justin Willman and more will be quite sad that you haven’t yet seen everything they have to show you. Make ’em smile. Then tell us what else you’d like to see on there.

Face Up – If one email daily just doesn’t do the trick for you, be sure to “Like” Nerdist News on Facebook for hourly updates during the day on all things quirky, geeky, funky and fun. From artistic mash-ups to the latest hot movie trailers, we bring the best of our web finds direct to your display.

How Tweet It Is – In addition to following Nerdist on Twitter, you might want to keep tabs on @NerdistNews there too. Featuring bite-sized links, breaking bulletins and bonus contests, it’s your quick stop for up-to-date awesomeness in the geekosphere. And did you know the Nerdist Channel has a Twitter feed too? Plus if you want the latest on events in New York and L.A., we’ve got you covered.

Plus-Sized – Want to Spark our interest? Hangout with our personalities? Move into our Circles at Google+. Snag bonus entries to our great giveaways and keep your eyes peeled for exclusive chats as we cybernetically swim up the Stream together.

The Best Picture Show – Are you tired of reading stuff all day, and just want some cool images? Feast your ocular focus upon our Pinterest. Cosplay, tattoos, Lego sets real and imagined, exclusive stills from our Channel shows and more are so visually tasty and addictive it’s like they’re nachos for the eyes.

Pop across the Pacific – If your word for geek is otaku, then focus on Far East fun with TOKYOPOP Powered by Nerdist Industries. This cross-cultural take on everything you’ve always wanted to know about Japanese coolness (but were occasionally afraid to ask) can come to your inbox weekday mornings just like Nerdist News, with additional giveaways, interviews, fashion trends and of course kaiju. Lots of kaiju. The pop cultural cavalcade doesn’t end there though; tune into TOKYOPOP’s Twitter and Facebook to the best (and strangest) Japan has to offer.