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Thu, 9 Aug ’12

The Inside Scoop on Insight Editions

Picture books 2.0

Do you like books? Of course you do; what else are you going to do when your Internet goes out? Chances are, then, you’ll enjoy the literary output by Insight Editions, the publisher focused on creating illustrated books on things like photography, music and popular culture. Their goal is to offer high-quality images to go with thought-provoking words and create a reading experience more immersive than Avatar.

If you’re the kind of Star Wars fan who knows the surname of every Ewok, you’ll definitely want to check out Dressing a Galaxy, a massive hardcover volume exploring the film series’ most lavish and ornate costumes, using full-color images to take you all the way from designer sketch to finished product. Not into clothes? It’s fine; Jabba the Hutt didn’t care for them either. You might prefer Sculpting a Galaxy, which has a Bantha’s hoof of information on the models and sculptures used to create the many ships and vehicles from all six saga slices.

You can also go deeper into Batman than his psychiatrist ever could with two of Insight’s comic-related books. Brandon T. Snider’s The Dark Knight Manual plunges the reader into an in-world examination of documents picked up by Bruce Wayne himself on his way to becoming Gotham’s angriest assistant principal. With Batmobile: The Complete History, author Mark Cotta Vaz sheds some light on every incarnation of the Caped Crusader’s classic ride, from comics to TV to films. You’ll be up that much closer to being the Dark Knight, but you’re on your own with Batusi lessons.

On top of that, there’s Shadowline: The Art of Iain McCaig, which gives readers a glimpse at the work of the principle concept artist on the Star Wars prequels; Mail-Order Mysteries, a humorous look at the products advertised in the back of comics; Amazing Everything: The Art of Scott C.; and get ready to free jump off a tall-ass building as you read Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Shooting Diary.

Take a gander at these great books and we’ll be over here having shredding practice with Air Guitar: A User’s Manual.