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Wed, 16 Jan ’13

Go Figure: Spring Toys to Spring For

Because your desk was looking a little empty, right?

What’s that? There’s an empty spot on your desk just begging to be filled? Well, the new crop of toys, figma and statues aren’t toying around; they mean business. But, with so many options, how should you spend your hard-earned money? Rest easy because we’ve put together a preview of this spring’s coming attractions that’ll make lightening your wallet’s load less of a heavy burden.

Asuna Matata – Courtesy of MaxFactory, this spring you can protect your desk with Sword Art Online‘s tsundere swordsman/Iron Chef-in-training Asuna. Equipped with both her Lambent Light and Silver Rapier and clad in her Knights of the Blood livery, the flexible figure will make a welcome addition to your growing guild of terrific toys. Plus, she has three interchangeable expressions, which will come in handy when your Kirito-kun figure inevitably does something stupid.

Kittyvangelion – If you’re anything like us, you thought that the only thing missing from Neon Genesis Evangelion was that the giant mechas weren’t cute enough. Fortunately, Japanese department store ZOZOTOWN feels the same way; they’ve begun selling a plush Hello Kitty dressed as Unit 01 along with Evangelion x Hello Kitty iPhone cases. This meowing mash-up is so cute that even Gendo Ikari would crack a smile.

Pirate Perfect – This winter’s One Piece Film Z was an undeniable success, setting a franchise record by earning $9 million on its opening day, so it should come as no surprise that there’s a slew of fantastic film-inspired figures on the way. Bandai Premium is now accepting web-only pre-orders for the “Super One Piece Styling ~FILM Z Special ~ Luffy vs. Neo Marine Set”, the latest addition to its ultra-rare “Super One Piece Styling” series. With a seriously slick-looking Luffy, the hulking Marine leader Z, his henchmen Ain and Binz, this set is guaranteed to shiver your timbers.

Sibling Rivalry – We love ourselves some Vocaloids, but with Hatsune Miku’s ubiquity it’s easy to forget that the digital diva shares a stage with other virtual voices. Good Smile Company, however, didn’t forget; they’re now taking pre-orders for their Kagamine Len and Rin “Append” figures, which purport to put more of a “mature” take on the digital duo. While we wouldn’t describe them as “mature” per se, the figures are kawaii with a capital “K” and this spin on the traditional Nendoroid design hits all the right notes.

What toys, figures and statues are you most looking forward to? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!