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Graphic Novels

Win a Legendary Prize Package: Holy Terror and Super DVDs

Mon, 10 Oct ’11
After 9/11, many of us couldn’t help wondering how things might have been different if superheroes were real and could have saved the day…. more

He’s the G**damn Frank Miller!

Mon, 10 Oct ’11
Frank Miller’s characters often have rich, rambling inner monologues, but they tend to be men of few words, and many of those words are… more

WIN Cool Comix, Including Signed Seeds

Tue, 13 Sep ’11
We just have to say it: cancer sucks. Comics, on the other hand, rule. And funny-book connoisseurs know that the best comics can help… more

The Jim Henson Movie You’ve Never Seen

Fri, 12 Aug ’11
We say: Jim Henson. What do you think of first: wise-cracking, fuzzy puppets? Or dystopian drama? Hardcore Henson-heads know that the man… more

Geek Boutique: Golden Apple Comics

Wed, 27 Jul ’11
Did you cut school or quit your job to make the trek to San Diego Comic-Con, or were you safely watching the updates roll in online?… more

Enter Planetary: All 27 issues for $24.99

Fri, 15 Jul ’11
Imagine if all of the stuff that happened in comic books and pulp literature between the Jules Verne era and 1980 really happened, from… more

Drawn Together: A Royal Wedding Comic

Thu, 28 Apr ’11
Ah, those wacky royals. When they’re not beheading their cousins or exiling one another to Scotland, they find time to pursue their very… more

Witchblade Creator Spaces Out

Mon, 8 Nov ’10
So you think being a cyborg would be boss? What if it required getting filleted like sushi and implanted with alien tech? When astronaut… more

Exclusive Interview! Brian Haberlin

Mon, 8 Nov ’10
He’s the co-creator of Witchblade, a top Spider-man/X-Men artist, and a former editor and writer on Spawn. Now Brian Haberlin’s preparing… more

Death to the Daleks!

Tue, 5 Oct ’10
When the UK’s largest TV station, the BBC, decided to create their first graphic novel, they obviously had to choose which of their hit… more

Get a Load of This

At the premiere of Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope. more