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Sun, 13 Nov ’11

Halo: Combat Re-Evolution

The ten year anniversary calls for Mjolnir armor, right?

By: Brian Walton

10 years is a long time to stay in the collective gaming consciousness and few games have managed to hold gamers attention quite like Halo. If you’ve lapsed, don’t worry: the good folks at 343 Industries are going to let you relive the magic. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary lands on November 15th bringing with it an improved and enhanced version of the classic Halo campaign.

The team behind this anniversary release aren’t just sending it out there without improvements. This is Halo we’re talking about, and Master Chief likes to go out lookin’ fancy. Look for the game to have updated graphics to take advantage of the technical improvements of the Xbox 360, added cooperative play through Xbox Live, and even extra story points through new terminals. This Halo is going to be more immersive than ever before, as Kinect and 3D technology have been incorporated to drop you in the middle of the Covenant quagmire. 

And of course, you can’t talk Halo without bringing up the incredible multiplayer that keeps us up at night. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will come bundled with seven of the most popular multiplayer maps in Halo history, like High Noon (based on Hang ‘Em High) and Damnation, re-imagined and refined for hours of online assault. With all of the added features and bonuses, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary may be the greatest value of the holiday season since it’s only $40. Preorder your copy today!