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Thu, 8 Jul ’10

Helmet Auction!

One hundred artists dump paint on Vader’s head

As we all know, in the Star Wars movies Darth Vader’s helmet was all black. Some people would call that look classic. Others might call it… what’s the word? Oh right: BORING.

Thus 100 pop and underground artists redecorated 100 replica Darth Vader heads as part of the soon-to-be-auctioned art exhibit The Vader Project. The helmets were customized by such artists as Marc Ecko, Paul Frank, Frank Kozik and the design duo Urban Medium. Some were doused in bright colors. Others covered with intricate designs. Some sprouted spikes or flowers or animal horns or Statue of Liberty Crowns or muppet fur or gas mask attachments.

Most of the helmets make Vader seem significantly less intimidating. Especially the one where he’s painted up like a clown.

After touring the country for four years, the collection of Vader noggins is finally going up for auction this Saturday in Philadelphia. Non-Brotherly Lovers can bid online

Next up: Getting 100 artists to decorate Mark Hamill’s face…