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Mon, 12 Sep ’11

High Noon: Go West and Shoot Straight

Happylatte’s cowboy themed app is your huckleberry.

Listen greenhorn, we’ve all been there. You’re fixin’ to buy a sarsaparilla at the market and the ol’ lady in front of you is countin’ out copper, piece by piece. You’re so hoppin’ mad you could shoot someone. But, laws bein’ what they are, you can’t. Until now.

Wyatt Earp once said, “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” Toss a solid wi-fi connection into that pot and you’ve got yourself High Noon, a free iPhone app that lets you take out your aggression on the liliest livered varmints that ever moseyed into town. Use that newfangled gyroscope to holster your piece, then raise hell in a battle of aim and wills.

Turn your phone into a six-shooter and challenge other scum-bellied users to duels. Pretty soon you’ll be a wanted outlaw, stockpilin’ blood money to buy Wild West costumes, guns and gear. But careful, city-slicker: the more you play, the larger the bounty on your head, and that attracts scumbags who like to do their killin’ before breakfast.

So next time you’re in a pickle stickier than a cow patty on a hot day, fire up High Noon, knock back a slug of ice tea (no whiskey for us – drinking in public is generally frowned upon), and blow off some steam with some of the meanest mad dogs this Ol’ West town has ever seen. That is, unless you’re chicken.