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Mon, 21 Nov ’11

Holiday Gift Guide: Those Wonderful Toys

Kids – actual and overgrown – love to play with stuff. We ain’t hatin’.

The Santa Claus we know doesn’t do gift certificates. Nor does he have a workshop where he sews sweaters. Nope, Saint Nick and his elves make TOYS, and we never outgrew them. For our inner children and your actual varieties, these should be on any list to the big guy:

Angry Boards – Take all the fun of Angry Birds, combine it with the actual tactile joy of knocking things over and you get Mattel’s Angry Birds Knock on Wood game. Contrary to what you might have misheard in a Dr. Seuss rhyme, nobody doesn’t love green pigs and harm.

Saber the Moment – If slingshots just aren’t enough of an evil weapon, turn to the true dark side with a Darth Vader Ultimate FX lightsaber! More playable and affordable than high-end prop replicas while being more detailed than basic toys, these new Jedi weapons feature a progressive LED light-up blade. Give the most authentic Jedi experience ever to your next of Anakin.

Air Eternia –
You’ll believe a He-Man can fly when, on Dec. 15th, Mattycollector.com unleashes its first-ever vehicle for the Masters of the Universe Classics line: the Wind Raider. Also on sale that day, Mattel brings you the head of Alfredo Alcala. That is, a Skeletor cranium designed by the comic-book artist, packed in as a bonus with Demo-Man, a character based on early pre-designs for ol’ Skullface.

Cuckoo Kaiju – Contrary to popular belief, Frank Miller has created more than just scowling big guys who swear all the time. From The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot – his collaboration with Geoff Darrow – comes Taoking, immortalized in 8″ vinyl with convention-exclusive yellow coloring.

Makin’ Munny – If other companies’ action figures aren’t for you, maybe you should create your own. Kidrobot’s Mega-Munny gift pack lets you do exactly that, with “blank” toys in 18-inch, 7-inch and 4-inch scales. Customize them with the stickers provided, or pick up your own paints and go crazy. This is one time when “drawing a blank” is a good thing.

For a closer look at all these goodies, check out our photo gallery…and be sure to stay tuned for your chance to win some of your own.