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Wed, 23 Nov ’11

WIN: The Gifts You Wanna Get

Kick-start your holiday shopping by checking out our LA buyer’s guide!

The holidays are a month out, but we’re already way into the giving spirit. Make your holiday shopping easy by starting with these excellent gift ideas, then enter to WIN a special GCLA Holiday Prize Package including one of each featured items!

COMICS 10-DOH! – Never neglect your old NES cartridges. One of them might take it personally, spring to life and come at you. For the sake of preparedness, we suggest you keep one of these custom figures from Squid Kids Ink on hand to fight for your honor. Please, just don’t try to blow on his chip connector.

COMICS Retro Outlaw Studios – Take a pinch of sci-fi, a dash of horror and a metric ton of Hollywood style and bake at 350°. Then go out for drinks, and when you get back you’ll have an oven overflowing with this bad@$$ collection of t-shirts, prints and statues. From zombie Stormtroopers to gun-toting apes and Kubrickian creeps, Santa has reason to be a little sinister this year.

COMICS The Birds and the Beasts – Skip the trip to Hallmark, we’ve got you covered on greeting cards. Show your true holiday spirit with some fire-breathing snowmen and cynical Yetis. And while you’re at it, convert your loved ones to geekdom when you give them these super cute Heroes Prints; from Mario to Batman to Admiral Ackbar, they’ve got every sector of your shopping list covered.

COMICS Beastlies – For a gift that’s truly one of a kind, these little monsters are all hand-sculpted and given their own personal backstory before they’re put up for adoption. Keep an eye out for one that grabs your imagination with its tiny clay paws, but don’t wait too long. They’re announced one by one on Facebook and sell within minutes. Serious about collecting? Christmas ninjas will soon have a shot at snow globe editions.

Giving is all well and good, but you’d rather be getting, eh? Once you’ve entered to win the GCLA Holiday Prize Package, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for additional chances. And if you want to send a hint to the right gifter in your life, make with the forwarding! Maybe send it twice…for subtlety’s sake.