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Best of 2012: Top 5 Movies

Fri, 28 Dec ’12
What a year it has been for movies, especially so for us geeks and nerds. We liked a great many films that came out in 2012 (though we… more

The End Never Looked So Good: The Top 5 Post-Apocalyptic Movies

Fri, 21 Dec ’12
According to some, the world has a good chance of ending on December 21st. Citing the Mayan calendar’s end-date, there’s a fair amount of… more

Geek this Week: Revelations on the Pacific Rim

Thu, 29 Nov ’12
Rim Hint In – We hadn’t heard much of a peep about Pacific Rim since San Diego Comic-Con International, where the brief glimpse of giant… more

Scared Silly: The 5 Best Treehouse of Horror Segments

Mon, 29 Oct ’12
From the scare-themed credits to the inevitable appearance of Kang and Kodos, it just wouldn’t be Halloween without another iteration of… more

Horror-ble Geeks: The Top 5 Nerds In Horror Films

Mon, 15 Oct ’12
Horror has always been a pretty pro-nerd medium. Even when some of the science geeks get carried away and reanimate the dead or something… more

Walking Dead Weekend: Zombies Invade The Nerdist Channel

Fri, 12 Oct ’12
We’re almost halfway through October, which can only mean one thing, time for more The Walking Dead. Season 3 of our favorite hour-long… more

Geek this Week: Speaking of Sinister

Tue, 9 Oct ’12
Ethan, Hunted – This weekend finally sees the release of Sinister, a scary movie that comes with much hype and even some gushing on more

Five Things You May Not Know About Fangoria’s Blood & Guts Host Scott Ian

Wed, 3 Oct ’12
In today’s debut episode of Fangoria’s Blood & Guts on the Nerdist Channel, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian goes to the KNB EFX workshop… more

NERDSWAG: Universal Classic Horror Comes Home…To You!

Mon, 1 Oct ’12
The countdown to Halloween begins with quite a “boo!” Imagine being chased by eight horrific monsters; the word “gulp” comes to mind. It’d… more

Day Player: Dominic Monaghan Draws Blood with WWE Films

Mon, 27 Aug ’12
From Lord of the Rings to drowned in the Looking Glass, Dominic Monaghan has often embodied the little guy caught up in larger-than-life… more