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The Walking Dead Escape: Enter the Zombie Apocalypse!

Thu, 21 Jun ’12
You love The Walking Dead in all its forms, but how long would you last if you actually lived it? Come San Diego Comic-Con International,… more

Every Family Has its Demons: Meet Dark Shadows’ Collins Clan

Fri, 11 May ’12
You’ve seen the character posters everywhere, but unless you’re already familiar with prior TV incarnations of Dark Shadows, the vast… more

Anthrax’s Scott Ian Gets Fangoria’s Blood & Guts All Over The Nerdist Channel

Thu, 19 Apr ’12
From the mosh pit to the morgue, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has always been a fan of high-intensity scares and this summer, he’ll be… more

Taxes Aren’t the End of the World: Brea Grant’s Movie Is!

Mon, 16 Apr ’12
You remember her from Heroes, but Brea Grant has more than one special power. In addition to being a comic-book writer, she’s also… more

NERDSWAG: The Walking Dead Trading Cards, Game, Shirts and More

Mon, 9 Apr ’12
The Walking Dead may be on hiatus until fall, but that doesn’t mean your love for the show or thirst for news tidbits is. This weekend you’… more

Six Questions for David Brooks, Director of "ATM"

Tue, 3 Apr ’12
The most frightened we’ve ever gotten at an ATM is when the balance falls below $20, but in ATM, which opens today, a free-standing kiosk… more

Mighty "Bite Me" – Machinima’s Zombie Comedy Series Returns

Tue, 6 Mar ’12
If zombies attacked your home and city, would you be shocked? Would you flail around with trial and error methods before finally figuring… more

Bite Me Season 2 – Scenes from a Set Visit

Tue, 6 Mar ’12
When we met up with Ryan Welsh on the set of Bite Me season 2, he looked much like you see in that picture to the left. We can’t tell you… more

Geek this Week: Win a Walking Dead Vannen Watch!

Thu, 23 Feb ’12
Grimes Times – When the dead roam the earth, you’re gonna need to be in sync with your fellow survivors to ensure rescue missions run… more

Ghost Rider, Cranked Up: Directors Neveldine and Taylor Talk

Fri, 17 Feb ’12
We discussed many things with Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, including Gamer, Jonah Hex, Bai Ling, a possible Crank sequel in 3D and of… more