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Ghost Directors: Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor get Cage-y

Fri, 17 Feb ’12
To anybody that’s ever enjoyed the Crank movies, the notion that directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have been allowed anywhere near… more

Que Sera, Sara? The Innkeepers’ Sara Paxton Talks Horror and Comedy

Fri, 27 Jan ’12
In Ti West’s latest slow-burn suspense horror The Innkeepers, Sara Paxton plays a bored hotel employee whose life gets much more… more

Sara Paxton’s Sixth Sense

Fri, 27 Jan ’12
Sara Paxton has been acting since she was eight years old, and has a career that has grown up alongside her, in a journey that has led from… more

Divide and Conquer: Michael Biehn Beats Back the Bomb (Again)

Fri, 13 Jan ’12
In The Divide, opening today, a group of survivors gathers in a basement just in time to escape a devastating nuclear attack. But they have… more

Biehn Here, Done That.

Fri, 13 Jan ’12
He helped save Sarah Connor from nuclear armageddon in The Terminator, and now The Divide sees Michael Biehn again taking charge in the… more

David Cronenberg Festival Turns Queens into Mutant Wasteland

Tue, 10 Jan ’12
David Cronenberg has had a fascinating career. The man behind horror classics such as Scanners and The Brood has, in recent years, migrated… more

Geek This Week: Crazy for Nuts

Fri, 6 Jan ’12
Inside Out – Created to copy the success of Paranormal Activity develop genre movies with budgets under a million dollars, Paramount’s new… more

Ride the Dead Waves of Beach Zombies at a Live Rock Show

Fri, 16 Dec ’11
Zombies have already invaded beaches in throngs and music in songs. Watch Surf II in its entirety on YouTube if you don’t believe us. Then… more

Slay Bells

Wed, 14 Dec ’11
Christmas and slasher films go together a lot like Halloween and overwrought sentimentality. If all the saccharine sweetness of the season’… more

Zombie Walk to Turn Queens into Green Brain Casserole

Thu, 17 Nov ’11
Zombies. They’ve long been a slow-moving thorn in our sides. They steal our jobs by eating our bosses, and turn our cities into… more