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Jaws’s Old Chum

Mon, 16 Aug ’10
Dreyfuss, you dork. Don’t you remember when that sheriff guy told you to get a bigger boat? And now you’re here, in Piranha 3-D, chillin’… more

Even His Horror Is Short

Wed, 21 Jul ’10
We’re all familiar with Danny DeVito’s comedic work, but his horror movies will make you think you’re on a Taxi ride to hell.  more

Vampire Weekend

Wed, 30 Jun ’10
Even as you read this, millions of blood-thirsty Americans are descending upon theaters to hyperventilate over Twilight: Eclipse. We hope… more

Dinocroc vs Supergator!

Fri, 25 Jun ’10
In 2004, Roger Corman gave the world Dinocroc, a low-budget monster movie about a giant prehistoric crocodile that was revived from ancient… more

GCD Exclusive Interview: George A. Romero

Fri, 28 May ’10
When Night of the Living Dead was released in 1968, George A. Romero became the master zombie storyteller. And now, 42 years later, the… more

Terror, Thy Name is Alan Wake

Tue, 18 May ’10
Meet Alan Wake, star of the most soul-rattling psychological hell ride since Dad gave you the birds and bees chat. The third-person button… more

Elm Street Almanac

Thu, 29 Apr ’10
The Nightmare on Elm Street reboot opens tomorrow, but before you go stand in line for Freddy 2.0, here are some things to know about the… more

Avoid a Birdemic!

Wed, 21 Apr ’10
“We’re living on borrowed time,” says James Nguyen, writer/director/auteur of the latest so-awful-it’s-awesome film sensation Birdemic:… more

Fish and Cheese

Fri, 9 Apr ’10
The poster for Syfy’s new movie Mega Piranha depicts a giant piranha taking a bite out of an aircraft carrier.So obviously, it’s based on a… more

Night of the George Romero Flicks

Thu, 25 Feb ’10
Sure this weekend’s horror flick The Crazies looks good, but you know what would make it look better? If the production values were lower… more