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Wed, 16 Nov ’11

Cezanne, Meet Han Solo

Get that bowl of apples down off the wall. It’s time to redecorate.

Boba Fett stands off in the distance. His gun is drawn, but held down. He looks across the room, surveying the crowd through the T-shaped visor of his Mandalorian helmet. Is he looking at you, or past you? Over your shoulder? Turning, you see the object of the bounty hunter’s gaze: a vintage Atari 2600, with a copy of Asteroids loaded up to play. It’s just another day in the land of American Icons, the new gallery show featuring artist Jason Brockert‘s pop culture still lifes.

Following their hugely successful Super iam8bit show last August, the crew at this progressive collective is sticking with what they know (and we love). Vintage video games and action figures are set to be the subject of the latest iam8bit display, starting this Friday at their Echo Park gallery. American Icons will focus on Brockert’s meticulously detailed drawings and paintings of the everyday playthings we once cherished and now collect. The days of tossing Yoda and Optimus into a toy box before coming to the dinner table might be over for some of us, but not by much. Brockert invites you to put you old favorites on canvas and admire them once again with (slightly) more grown up eyes.

Check out our exclusive preview of American Icons and then make with the calendar marking. Besides their great taste in art, the iam8bit team sure knows how to throw a party, so don’t miss the opening reception on November 18, 7 pm. Grab a drink, chat with the artist himself and browse the gallery to the sounds of DJ R-Rated, who will naturally be dressed as Han Solo. You’ll love him. He knows.