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Tue, 30 Apr ’13

Incognito Nerdery: Han Solo in Business Card-onite

Don’t sacrifice your passion for the sake of fashion.

We love ourselves a good mashup t-shirt. We honestly do, but our closets are full of the things and frankly we can’t always find an excuse to wear our Leia the Riveter tee. Okay we probably could, but sometimes in a “professional” setting you can’t be quite so obvious about it. What are people who have to wear uniforms or suits supposed to do to support their fandom in between those too few casual Fridays? Luckily, we’ve got a few ideas on how you can keep your geekiness on the DL without forsaking it entirely; we’d never ask you to do that.

Nothing screams “sophistication” like a money clip. It makes you feel like Bruce Wayne, which is why a perfect idea would be a clip shaped like a batarang. We would not suggest throwing it, though. You can also feel the force deep in your gut and keep your pants up at the same time with Star Wars belt buckles designed for the Rebel Alliance or the always fashionable Galactic Empire. Further, keep your tie from flapping around as you boldly go into a meeting with a Star Trek tie clip, and always be ready to get out of said meeting with the Doctor Who Master’s pocket watch, Time Lord consciousness not included. Show your loyalty to your boss (and to Game of Thrones) with a Hand of the King pin, or your disloyalty to your overlords with a Mockingjay from the Hunger Games to prove you can get all Katniss on their asses.

Business cards are one of the biggest signs of having your stuff together (especially if you get them in bone with embossed lettering), so, naturally, you’ll want somewhere that screams “this geek doesn’t screw around”. Since the cards are no good to you wrinkled, perhaps you’d like to keep them in a Han Solo in carbonite case. If that’s a little morbid, why not try an R2-D2 one? In fact, if you enter our exclusive contest with Kotobukiya, you could win either one. Simply enter, then head to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages for more entries then get your cards ready to be taken to a galaxy far, far away.