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Mon, 26 Jul ’10


Could your anime obsession FINALLY be a good thing?

There are many ways you show your love for Japanese culture: You worship anime. You maintain a death grip on your Wiimote. You can order sushi without getting yelled at. Finally your obsession with all things Asian can earn you something other than atomic wedgies!

Crisscrossing the USA in an anime-bedecked tour bus, the fine folks of TOKYOPOP are on a quest to find the biggest Japanofans in the country, and they’re filming the adventure for an online reality show to be called America’s Greatest Otaku. (For those whose Japanese is a touch rusty, an “otaku” is a person who has an obsessive love for something—often manga, anime or super-awesome video games.) In TOKYOPOP’s own words, their reality show is searching for “the person who best exemplifies a truly unique fervor and passion for all things influenced by Japanese pop culture.” In GCD’s words, their show is searching for “the person who shows up in the baddest-assed costume.”

Everyone who visits the bus (tour schedule here!) can pick up some sweet swag, and the winner of the contest scores a trip to Japan. Inside tip: Anyone who can show up in a fully-weaponized Gundam has a very good shot at taking home that top prize.