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Fri, 7 Jun ’13

Japan Plays the Real-Life Game of Life

This summer, the game is real.

One of the oldest board games still around today, The Game of Life, with its iconic spinner and brightly colored board, continues to enjoy success around the world. 2013 marks the game’s 45th anniversary in Japan and one island is celebrating by turning itself into a gigantic Game of Life board complete with spinners, pretend money and hopefully minivans.

From July 20th to September 16th, Yoron Island, located just north of Okinawa, will be home to the massive board game event. The plan came about due to the fact that the island is shaped like the part of the game board where the spinner sits, which is about as sound of a reason that one could hope for.

For 500 yen ($5 USD), players will be given a map showing the game squares and will be given a predetermined amount of fake money similar to that in the game. Then, the players will spin one of four wheels located around the island and move to the appropriate spot. At the end of the game, players can cash out their in-game currency for gift certificates. While Yoron Island’s idea is certainly a bit off-kilter, it sounds awfully fun. Mainly, we’re glad they didn’t choose to recreate Mouse Trap instead.