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Thu, 5 Sep ’13

Kick Out the Jams: 3 Killer Japanese Punk Rock Bands

Because sometime the establishment needs smashin’

Guitar Wolf – Best known for their aggressive “noise punk” style and hardcore lyrics, this Japanese twist on The Ramones has put out an impressive 9 studio albums since their formation in 1987. Through lineup changes, untimely deaths and experimental phases, Guitar Wolf remains one of the coolest Japanese musical exports.

Why we love them: Did we mention that the band has starred in a series of sci-fi movies, including one where they fight zombies? Well they did… and they’re awesome.

Best song: Jet Generation

The Blue Hearts The grandfathers of Japanese punk, The Blue Hearts were active from 1985 to 1995 and, in those 10 years, they managed to inspire an entire generation of Japanese musicians. Compared with bands like The Sex Pistols and The Clash, they were Japan’s answer to the ever expanding punk music scene, and brought their unique sound to a very welcoming nation.

Why we love them: They were bad boys in a country where it didn’t take much to be a bad boy. Controversial lyrics, spitting on cameras, spikey hair… oh, the horror.

Best Song: (this one’s obvious) “Linda Linda”

The Stalin – Other than having one of the best band names ever, The Stalin are notable for being the first “hardcore” punk band from Japan. The group saw many iterations while it was active from 1980 to 1983 and their mix of frantic, super heavy punk music mixed with iconoclastic lyrics made them a band to watch and remember.

Why we love them: Besides the name? The attitude, and what they stood for in a country that had no idea what hardcore music was, or that it was even music.

Best Song: “365″

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