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Mon, 6 May ’13

Kleenex, Anyone? A Look at Nosebleeds in Anime

Forget a tissue – you need a towel and a transfusion.

You know when you have a crush on someone and you see him or her and butterflies start swooping around and invisible choirs play? Well, all of that still happens in manga, except your nose starts also bleeding uncontrollably. That’s right – a nosebleed in manga signifies a smitten character and, while usually male, there have been a fair share of libidinous females who have lost a pint or two. Here’s a quick look at three of our favorite blood donors in manga.

Sanji (One Piece)What better place to start than with Captain Horndog himself? Sanji, the chef and resident butt kicker of the Straw Hat Pirates, is a fan of the ladies to say the least. We can say this with conviction because every time he gets close to one he fancies, his nose start spewing like Old Faithful. And they let this guy cook the food? Sounds like the health inspections are far and few between.

Master Roshi (Dragon Ball Z)To prove being creepy isn’t just a young man’s game, the wise, old (and extremely lecherous) Master Roshi has been known to get an occasional nosebleed when he lays his geriatric eyes on a nubile young lady. You’re supposed to be looking for Dragon Balls! Get your head in the game and try to keep your blood inside of it.

Soul (Soul Eater) Nosebleeds aren’t only for humans, as the titular character/resident sword-demon-thing Soul proves time and again. You’d think an aspiring “weapon” would have better things to do than scope babes (as would his best friend and partner Maka) but Soul can’t seem to keep his mind out of the gutter or his blood off the floor.