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Mon, 16 Jul ’12

Life-Sized Batman Wants Your Bids

This Dark Knight replica rises to new heights.

In recent years, you may have noticed that rising oil prices and inflation have led to superhero toys becoming smaller and smaller, to the point that almost everything is micro-scaled nowadays. But we’re bucking that trend big-time: check out 75 inches of Batman from The Dark Knight Rises (which opens Friday at long last). There’s just two days left to head over to the Course of the Force eBay page and bid on this life-size statue of Christian Bale in the Batsuit. Sculpted by Studio Oxmox for Muckle Mannequins and Section 9 Entertainment, this fiberglass statue with cloth cape weighs around 143 lbs and is valued at $4000. You’ll set the price for this one when you bid on it, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation will benefit.

Let’s face it, there are lots of things you could do with a Batman replica around the house. Most fans would simply display him dramatically, but you could probably also hang laundry from his arms if you wanted to, or decorate him with colored lights at Christmas. If you happen to be a farmer, you could just have yourself the coolest scarecrow of all time, while Dr. Crane laughs at the irony. Mainly, though, his presence should ensure your house is never bothered by insane super-villains who wear metal masks or clown makeup.

If you want a chance to bring him home, you need to act right now. Fire up your fingers like they were the Tumbler, and head over to Course of the Force’s eBay page to get your bid in. Whatever the cost ends up being, it’s worth it to be able to say you have Batman as a permanent houseguest and mean it. And like Batman, you’ll be helping the less fortunate; just with a donation rather than a Batarang.