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Tue, 17 Jan ’12

Literary Amazing: The Geeky Greatness of Chronicle Books

Purveyors of fine alternative literature

If you’re a discerning reader, then you probably have a few titles from San Francisco’s Chronicle Books on your shelf, whether you realize it or not. Though the company has an extensive catalog, covering everything from cookbooks to children’s literature to the extremely popular Worst-Case Scenario Surival Handbook series, we’ve been particularly impressed by their more specialized offerings. Whatever your obsession, be it film, history, old-timey facial hair or lush art books from the likes of Pixar, Chronicle has a title for you

For the brainy consumer with a hunger for brains, Chronicle offers a wide selection of zombie-filled titles like Dead Inside: Do Not Enter, a PostSecret for the post-apocalypse full of notes, journal entries and other ephemera of a zombified world. If you like your undead horrors with a lighter edge, then perhaps you’d enjoy Greg Stones’ upcoming Zombies Hate Stuff, a series of darkly funny scenes of what really riles up those flesh-eating monsters.

Prefer the infinite blackness of space and galaxies far, far away? Then pick up a copy of Jeffery Brown’s Darth Vader and Son, a comedic illustrated look into what life would have been like if the Sith Lord had been a more proactive parent. If you’d rather be beamed up by Scotty than walking with Ewoks, then we suggest Chip Carter’s aptly-titled Obsessed with Star Trek, an interactive book with 2,500 of the toughest trivia questions that would even give Data a run for his money. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to look through family photo albums to see if we can get one of our old men into the next edition of Dads Are The Original Hipsters.