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Fri, 28 Oct ’11

From Figures to Filmmaking: Digger T. Mesch Gets Action

Digging the transition between sculpting likenesses and molding performances.

Digger T. Mesch is best known to us as the creator of Minimates, but at this weekend’s Long Beach Comic Con, he plans to unearth his future plans for the silver screen. We’ve got an exclusive look at some of his concept art, and had a chance to talk to him.

GeekChicDaily: Tell us about your new projects.

Digger T. Mesch: [One is] Sundown Seven, a horror-action-western with Kevin Eastman. I’ve got Kevin Grevioux (Underworld) writing the script and the graphic novel – we’ve all created it together. And I brought on Sam Shearon…There’s also Agent 88. It’s a property about the world’s most deadly assassin, who just happens to be an 88 year-old woman with Alzheimer’s. I guess the best way to describe that is Mary Poppins meets Kill Bill.

GCD: Any other properties to reveal?

DTM: One more thing. We’re gonna show some art on The Other Dead. That’s me, Kevin Eastman, Yuri Timg and Joshua Ortega. It’s about a ten year-old boy with cancer, who has to team up with a redneck duck-hunter, a Latin stripper and the president of the United States to save the world.

GCD: So is this a movie, a comic, or both?

DTM: Everything I’m doing is aimed at me co-creating the property and directing it as a film.

In our full interview, Digger talks Minimates, Lego and life in China. Get an exclusive early look at his new concept art, and hit up the Long Beach Comic Con for a chance to meet him!