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Wed, 21 Sep ’11

Japanese Fetish Meets Japanese Food Dish

Luckily, this maid in Manhattan has no J-Lo involvement whatsoever.

Do you love lunch? Do you love Japanese girls dressed up as French maids with bunny ears? Do you grow weary of not having something to fulfill both loves at the same time? For otaku boys and girls in Asia, the maid cafe is as much a cultural staple as sticky rice. J-pop singer and cosplay superstar Reni Mimura is dressing up the West Village’s Amber to expose average New Yorkers to this phenomenon on September 25th from noon to 3:30.

The heart of the cafe is Moe style, or an affection for the cute look of anime and Japanese pop culture. Entry is ten bucks if you’re in cosplay or fifteen if you’re more of a cosplay voyeur. Keep in mind, that fee doesn’t cover the meal which will no doubt be almost too cute to consume. You will get to witness Reni sing her hits live and then cover them, or any other song you bring, in a karaoke contest. Follow @geekchicnyc on Twitter and you and four friends could be going for free.

Considering a round-trip flight to Tokyo would set you back a couple grand, it’s a pretty sweet deal. All your Japanese cultural questions will soon be answered. Except one. Is that a Lucky Star figurine in your pocket or is it just happy sashimi?