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Thu, 1 Dec ’11

Secrets and Lies

Mindshare LA’s next big event gets to the truth behind deception.

Christmas is right around the corner, and you know what that means: lies, lies, hot chocolate and more lies. There’s something about peace and goodwill towards man, too, but mostly, it’s lies. We’ve turned the holidays into a cottage industry of deceit: tiny toy makers, flying reindeer and even St. Nick’s knack for chimney travel. What’s with all this treacly treachery? We don’t know, but the inquiring minds at Mindshare LA are getting to the bottom of it with their December event, “Secrets and Lies.”

Mindshare LA was founded by former TED volunteers as a social experience to engage curious and progressive thinkers. Monthly events focus on a wide variety of topics, including quantum physics, the science of comedy and good old fashioned relationship advice (through a spectrum of intellectual discourse, naturally). There’s also a focus on meeting new people and turning the room into a highly advanced and super smart dive bar; except instead of a jukebox and TVs with college football, they have nerdcore rap and interactive exhibits from tech firms.

“Secrets and Lies” delves into deception on December 15th at the Mezz Bar downtown. Happy Hour starts off the “enlightened debauchery” with music, games and prizes at 7. The descent into dishonesty includes presentations about the history of myth-making, the largest scientific instrument ever built and how to become a human lie detector (eat your heart out, Tim Roth). Get tickets here, or just show up and say you left them at home. They should be able to catch on, right?