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Quick Hits

Ultron Effect

Avengers 2 has found its Ultron, but you’ll never guess who it is. Could it be her?

Educate Yourself

Check out Nerdist’s hottest new podcast, Today We Learned, a show of comedy and knowledge!

State Farm Swag

State Farm wants to fly you to New York Comic-Con, superhero style! Enter to win here.

NYCC You There

Join Chloe and the Just Cos gang as they explore what NYCC has to offer!

Futurama Live!

Good news! Win tickets to the Futurama finale live Q&A hosted by Chris Hardwick.

Nerdy Jobs

Join Matt Bennett as he takes you behind the scenes of the nerdiest jobs he can find. 

Kinane Refrain

Kyle Kinane is the first guest on Dave Ross’ new podcast, Terrified.

DIY in Motion

The ladies of Try This At Home get animated on an all-new episode!

Trek Talk

Mission Log #39 takes a look at the Star Trek: TOS episode, “Journey to Babel.”