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Quick Hits

Get Your Game On

Tuned in to Gaming Thursday for YouTube’s Geek Week? Achievement unlocked!

Samba Wars

Bounty hunters, Stormtrooper dance battles and a good cause? It’s Course of the Force!

Series Premiere

Matt Bennett takes you inside the coolest jobs around on the new series Nerdy Jobs!

Magi Magic

Check out the latest preview for Magi: The Kingdom of Magic‘s new season!

Donuts For All

A short film about donut cats living in post-apocalyptic Tokyo? Yes, please! Check it out!

Killin’ It

Gurren Lagann’s creative team returns with the new anime Kill La Kill!

Misty Music

Cosplay violinist extraordinaire Lindsey Stirling does Pokemon dubstep!

You’re The ‘Mon

This English Pokemon: Origins trailer takes us back to where it all started.

Tai Chi Time

Keanu dig it?! Check out the trailer for the martial arts epic, Man of Tai Chi!